Your landlord is responsible for the health, safety, and functionality of the entire home, including your rental space and the guest unit. Your landlord is the best contact for property and home questions, utility setup, or maintenance requests.

We recommend that you reach out directly to your landlord with these questions, through the communication channel that makes the most sense! For urgent issues, we suggest calling right away. For less urgent issues, a text or email will do.

In any case, we recommend sending a follow-up email to recap your conversation and CC so our team can stay updated.

Here are some example topics you'd discuss with your landlord:

  • Transferring and setting up utilities
  • Accessing and paying your electricity bill
  • Maintenance requests
  • There is a leak under the sink in the guest space
  • The gutter is drooping
  • The oven isn’t working properly in your kitchen
  • You can’t access the garage
  • A closet is locked in the guest unit
  • Whether you can park in the driveway
  • Whether you can use the lawnmower or other tools
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