Keep this guide handy for a seamless move-out process! Our team will contact you with this information about 30 days before move-out, too.

Heads up! As you’re preparing to move, we want to remind you that it’s also important to continue to be a great host and keep your ratings high up to your very last guest. Good hosting practices are required for maintaining discounted rent.

Move-out checklist

❏ Cleaning
Ensure the entire home (both your rental and guest unit) have received a deep clean, including all surfaces cabinets, interior and exterior for all appliances, flooring, and walls.

❏ Keypad
If there is a guest unit keypad, leave keypad code reset instructions in the kitchen drawer. Confirm the latest keypad code in your move-out confirmation notice.

❏ Keys/lockbox
Leave one entrance key in the lockbox and make sure it is on the front door. Leave all other keys and garage remote - don't forget the mailbox key!

❏ Loftium furniture and supplies
Unless other arrangements have been made, leave all furniture and inventory in the guest unit, organized and set up as if a guest were checking in.

❏ Utilities
Contact your utility providers to close out your accounts. Note: If unpaid utility bills are received for your service dates, you will be billed for the amount owed with an added processing fee.

❏ Walkthrough
Loftium will coordinate the property condition walkthrough. If you're unable to be present during the walkthrough, we recommend taking a video walkthrough of your own before you leave for reference.

Hosting information

βœ“ Airbnb Account
Loftium will deactivate and close out your Airbnb account - no action needed!

Last step

❏ Move out confirmation
Click here to confirm your move-out. Feel free to send us your walkthrough photos or video, as this will help us efficiently process your deposit return. Safe travels!

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