To receive your full security deposit return at move-out, you'll want to leave the property in a similar condition to how you received it, with the exception of normal wear and tear.

Tips for leaving the property in great shape

  • Deep clean the home, both renter space and guest space
  • Sweep and mop all floors
  • Wipe all surfaces, cabinets, and walls
  • Thoroughly clean all appliances, inside and out
  • Remove all personal belongings in the home
  • Dispose of all garbage
  • Tidy the guest space as if you were preparing it for a new guest
  • Ensure landscaping is maintained

Standard deduction costs

Deductions for cleaning or repairs are based on your standard service + labor and administrative charge.

All deduction amounts listed below are estimates and may vary depending on the property size, condition, work required, and local estimates.

  • Move-out clean, full property: $550, average 1500 square feet
  • Move-out clean, partial home/minimum: $250
  • Junk removal, minor: $200, 1/4 truckload minimum
  • Junk removal, significant: $650, 1 full truckload
  • Lock rekey: $350, if all original keys are not turned in
  • Garage door opener replacement: $100
  • Mail key replacement: $100
  • Full paint: $600 per room, average 10x10
  • Touch up paint: $100 per room
  • Landscaping, small yard: $250
  • Landscaping, large yard: $650

Other home repairs are assessed individually and will include a $50 service charge added for administrative coordination.

How are security deposit deductions assessed?

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