Looking for a new spot with a larger backyard, or an extra bedroom? Find your next home with this how-to!

  • 👀 Touring: Check out our available listings and take a virtual tour! If the home is not currently occupied, you can sign up for a tour time that works best for you.
  • 💰 Deposits: Your current home's security deposit will be returned to you shortly after your lease ends! We're unable to transfer security deposits at this time.
  • 🗓 Timing: Heads up! All homes are first come first serve, so we can't hold a home for a later start date if there are people interested in moving in earlier.
  • 💫 Overlap Leases: You'll need to finish out your current lease, including the management of the guest space. If it works for you, you're welcome to overlap leases!
  • ✅ Qualification: Most renters are pre-qualified based on your previous rental application. We'll check to confirm that you have a great rental record at your current property (i.e. payment history, compliance to lease terms, etc.) and request updated income verification.

Note: We cannot accommodate mid-lease moves from one property to another.

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