Keep this guide handy for a seamless move in! Welcome home!

Move-in checklist

Unpack essentials

Set up the must haves first! This may include: a roll of toilet paper, soap, a towel, a shower curtain, trash can, trash bags, paper towels, your toothbrush, a water bottle (stay hydrated!), and a snack. Keep medicines you may need handy, too.

Try your keys in all entry doors, garage, and mailbox as applicable.

Landlord introduction
Email your landlord to say hello! Make sure you know their preferences for communication - do they prefer email, text, or phone calls?

Loftium furniture and supplies
If your home has Loftium furniture in the space, conduct an inventory of items in the space, and damages if needed.

Set up utilities
Contact your utility providers to set up accounts, including Internet. Note: If you have any questions, your landlord is the best person to help!

Complete your condition report
Conduct a thorough walkthrough of the property, including photos. Complete your condition report within 72 hours and share this to Loftium.

Review your Loftium Dashboard
Review any new Message Board messages, or payment updates.

Keep an eye on your email
Loftium will keep you updated on the latest for your Hosting Onboarding!

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