Loftium’s Onboarding Package includes all the items to get your listing started!

An example inventory for your guest space may include*:

  • Bedrooms: Bed frames, mattresses, pillows, basic nightstands, desk lamps, throw blankets
  • Bathroom: Bath mat, towels, shower curtain, iron, hair dryer
  • Kitchen: Electric kettle, microwave, mini-fridge
  • Living space: Desk, desk chair, sleeper sofa
  • Entry: Keypad or lockbox
  • Extras: Wall decor, throw pillows

Anything needed beyond the Loftium Onboarding Package is the responsibility of the host. This includes guest consumables and items that address the property's specific needs, such as heating, cooling, soundproofing, access, and lighting.

* Note: The Loftium Onboarding Package provided depends on your specific home/property, and may vary!

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