Keeping your listing up-to-date is an important part of being a Loftium host! Adding thorough details helps guests know what to expect from your space and it's a great idea to continue to update these over time. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Update your listing description: Check your listing details from time to time to make sure everything‚Äôs filled out. Have you added anything new to your space? Make sure to include this in your listing so your guests know, too!
  • Describe your space: Make your title and description attractive, detailed, and informative. Explain what makes your space unique and special, including any amenities you offer, if any spaces are shared, and any rules guests should know.
  • High-quality photos and descriptions: Loftium will help you with professional photography to help your guest space stand out! You can add helpful descriptions to the photoset for guests to better visualize their stay.
  • Set expectations: Outline expectations for guests in your House Rules and House Manual sections of your listing. You can be friendly and warm while also ensuring guests know your rules!
  • Use your reviews: Regularly read reviews and pay attention to ratings - this can help you improve both your guest experience and your listing!
  • Respond to your reviews: Thank your guests for their stay and for their awesome reviews! Did they include a suggestion for improvement? You can thank them for the feedback.

Have questions, ideas, or want feedback for your Loftium guest listing? Reach out to our team any time - we're happy to help!

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