Depending on the layout of your home, you could have some light noise transfer between your home and your guest space. Here are some easy options to help reduce that noise and ensure an enjoyable experience for both you and your guests!

Minimizing sound transfer between walls

Audio reduction foam panels
For layouts where sound tends to travel between walls or doors, we have found setting up acoustic foam panels on the guest side door or wall can be a huge help. Accompany them with a curtain or tapestry for coverage, and you're good to go!

Wall art and decor
General decor and art you hang on the wall not only looks great but also has a large impact on reducing noise transfer. Fully-stacked bookshelves tend to work the best.

Door stoppers

Use door stoppers to seal the open spaces at the bottom of separation doors and bedroom doors. It's an easy install that can really help with quieter conditions!

Reducing sound transfer between floors

Floor and area rugs

If noise transfer occurs between a ceiling and a floor, area rugs work the best to help dampen this noise. We have also found padding the ceiling with the foam helps, but rugs are much easier to set up.

Inexpensive ways to mask sound

Fans and white noise machines
Producing competing sound is the old-fashioned way to reduce noise transfer, so providing cheap old school box fans and white noise machines will help ensure you and your guests have a great night's sleep.

Simple: earplugs!

Offering inexpensive earplugs to your guests can help ensure they'll get a great night's sleep!

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