Welcoming visitors into your home is the heart of being a Loftium host, and we know it takes trust! Guests also take a leap of faith when they choose to stay in your home, too.

If a guest has lots of fantastic reviews and sends you a friendly message, asking for more detail is probably not necessary. But, what do you do if there isn't much information available about your potential guests?

Extra communication can put your mind (and theirs!) at ease. Here are a few pro-tips to get you started on screening potential guests.

Remind guests of important details

Letting potential guests know that you live right on site, you care about your home, and reminders of your house rules sends the signal that you are not likely to tolerate bad behaviors.

An example message to introduce yourself and probe a bit more might look like this:

Hi there, thanks so much for booking my space! I wanted to reach out to say hello. I live right on site and care deeply about my house, so I always like to make sure my guests will, too. Since I'll be home during your stay, I like to get an idea about who is coming to my house, can you confirm who will be joining you? Is it only you that will be staying? Let me know if you have any questions about my house rules, they're really important to me. Thanks again for reserving my home!

Ask more questions

Here are example questions you can ask to learn more about their stay.

  • Will anyone be joining you during their reservation? How do you know each other? What are their names?
  • What brings you to the area to visit? Where are you coming from?
  • What made you choose my home? Is there anything I can do to make sure your stay is a comfortable one?

What's next?

If you feel good about your interaction with your guest, awesome! 🎉

Otherwise, here's what to do next:

  • If your guest doesn't answer your questions, give them a call or send a text to ask that they check their messages. Many guests won't look at the app until they are about to stay at your place!
  • If they're uncomfortable, you can suggest that they can cancel the stay on their end. Guests have a pretty narrow window to do this, so it's best to message your guests promptly after they book.
  • If you're uncomfortable with their responses, learn more on the next steps here.
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