Going on vacation? Need to travel for work? No problem! Here's how to manage hosting remotely.

  1. Have a cleaning plan. Schedule a cleaner for turnovers while you're away. Set up your calendar system with them by sending them the link to your Airbnb calendar or also add them as a co-host so they can see bookings. Check out Loftium's cleaning guide and list of cleaners for more information.
  2. Have a backup host. Having a friend, family member or neighbor to help while you're away gives you peace of mind. You can temporarily add them as a co-host to monitor messages if you won't have service while you're away!
  3. Have a spare key handy to prevent lockouts. Put together a lockout plan, just in case! We recommend a backup key which can be a simple lockbox with physical key, and have access instructions for lockouts at the ready. Be sure to remind guests to put the key back at check-out.
  4. Let your guests know you won't be on-site. Send messages to let guests know you’ll be available through the app, but won’t be on-site during their stay.

Note: As a reminder, your listing is required to be available at all times for guest bookings! If you need to reserve the space for your own use, complete a personal reservation.

Bon voyage and safe travels! ✈️🏝🚢

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