It's super important to use the Airbnb messaging app, almost exclusively.

Why should I communicate through the Airbnb messaging app?

Airbnb needs to have a record of your communication to help resolve any disputes or issues. If you're only communicating over the phone, Airbnb support can be greatly limited.

What if a guest is asking to call or email me?

If guests avoid the messaging app and want to call/email you about booking your place, or if they suggest alternate payment methods, this may be a scam.

Airbnb's messaging platform is pretty good at detecting fraud and may give a warning message if it suspects nefarious activity. Here's more info on spotting potential scams (linked here).

Heads up! Never take payment from a guest outside of the Airbnb app. If your guest tries to pay you in cash or through other means for a reservation and you accept it, this is against Airbnb's terms of service and they will be unable to help in any disputes. They are no longer an Airbnb guest once they pay you outside Airbnb's platform.

What if my guest isn't responding to my Airbnb messages?

Sometimes you may need to reach out separately - we get it! If urgent communication requires a text or a call, always follow up in the app to recap what was discussed.

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