Good communication is an essential part of a great guest experience! As a Loftium host, we expect you to be a clear, prompt, and friendly communicator. Here are some easy tips to help:

  • Be kind. Remember "please" and "thank you"!
  • Be friendly. Personalize your responses and use your own voice - guests love this! Be mindful not to be too casual though, no need to overshare.
  • Be clear. Having excellent writing skills, including grammar and spelling, goes a really long way. Review Airbnb's tips for communicating with international travelers, too!
  • Be prompt. Prompt communication is important, and the best hosts make sure to respond to guest questions in an hour or less.
  • Be accommodating. Whenever it's practical to do so, be willing to accommodate guest requests.
  • Be professional. Always remain professional with guests, whether or not they are offering the same level of courtesy in return.
  • Be curious. Ask for feedback - what do your guests love? What would have improved their stay?
  • Be honest. Set the right expectations so you can deliver an awesome experience.

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