As a host, you're expected to do your best to meet reasonable requests for the comfort and safety of your guests. You'll find that many guests are flexible, and want to work with you to find practical solutions!

Some tips for accommodating guests include:

  • Altering accommodations within reason, such as placing towels in an agreed-upon spot to access, or repositioning lightweight furniture like a table
  • Collaborate with your guest by asking and answering questions. Work together!
  • Accurately describe your guest space, such as size/width of rooms in the space, entry/pathway conditions, the layout of furniture
  • Before accepting the reservation, confirm that your guest has the information they need to make sure it's a good fit for you both

Read more about Airbnb's guidelines on supporting guests with disabilities.

Note: You can’t decline a reservation because the guest has a disability. Doing so would violate Airbnb’s Nondiscrimination Policy and the terms of your agreement with Loftium.

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