Good hosting practices are at the heart of earning discounts. We want you to be successful, so it's important for hosts to know what to do well, and what actions to avoid!

Actions that will help you earn

  • Communicating promptly and professionally with guest
  • Thoroughly cleaning between each booking
  • Ensuring wide-open calendar availability to attract guests
  • Helping guests during their stay when issues pop up
  • Friendly and welcoming information on your listing
  • Getting great reviews and keeping your listing rating above 4.5 overall
  • Revising your listing as needed to help it stand out and stay accurate
  • Quickly accepting guest reservation requests and inquiries
  • Ensuring guests have access to all the Loftium-provided supplies and furnishings
  • Making sure the required WiFi is fast and password is provided

Actions that may result in losing discounts

Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Poor cleaning practices
  • Unapproved block nights on the listing calendar
  • Unapproved guest cancellations
  • Getting bad reviews or having a listing rating below 4.5 stars
  • Ignoring inquiries from potential guests
  • Ignoring or being rude to guests in person or in messages
  • Tampering with listing settings and/or pricing
  • Being unresponsive when contacted by Rental Websites (e.g. Airbnb, VRBO) guests, or Loftium.
  • Adversely impacting a guest experience including but not limited to excessive noise, violence, illegal activity, discrimination, not addressing issues with the guest space.
  • Deterring guests from booking your space in messages, text, email, auto-messages or in the listing information online
  • Intruding on guests during their stay
  • Using the guest space without a personal reservation
  • Smoking of any kind inside the home or on the property

These are all totally doable! Just keep your guest space clean, and welcome your guests through your listing, messages and interactions during their stay. 🙂

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