The Guest Policy applies to all Loftium Stays bookings.

  1. The maximum number of guests allowed cannot exceed what is specified on the host's listing.
  2. Guests will maintain the guest space in a clean and orderly condition at all times.
  3. If any damage occurs in the guest space, the guest must immediately notify the host and Loftium.
  4. The guest will leave the guest unit in the same condition they were delivered to the guest.
  5. The guest is responsible for any damage or destruction, or extraordinary cleaning required to the guest unit during their booking, whether caused or permitted by guest or its invitees.
  6. Guests will not make any alterations or modifications to the guest space or the property.
  7. Guests shall cook only in areas of the guest space designated by the host, if any.
  8. No pets are permitted within the guest space unless otherwise specified in writing.
  9. No smoking or vaping is permitted within the guest space or anywhere else on the property.
  10. No firearms are permitted on the property.
  11. Guests shall use the guest space in a civilized manner that does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the property by other guests, occupants or residents, or otherwise disturb or annoy surrounding property owners or occupants.
  12. Guests shall abide by all additional rules described on the listing and in the Stay Booking Confirmation.
  13. The host and Loftium have the right to access the guest space at any time upon reasonable notice to guest. In the case of an emergency the guest unit may be entered without notice to the guest.
  14. The guest shall not cause or permit the guest space or any other portion of the property to be used for any illegal or unlawful purpose.

You can read the full agreement in Loftium's Terms of Service.

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