Longer stays can be super beneficial: you’ll turn over the space less often and you’ll earn more rent credits. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your longer stays.

Accepting longer-term booking requests.

This is easy! If the request is through Airbnb, just review the request and accept. If the guest requests a discount, let us know if you’d like us to review any additional discount requests before you offer.

Loftium Stays guests will be screened and verified by Loftium. You’ll receive confirmation and an introduction to your guest once they’ve booked!

Getting to know your guests

For stays that are more than just a few nights, feel free to introduce yourself and your home in a bit more detail than you would a short-term stay if you think it’s necessary. It’s a good way to kick off a conversation to make sure your guest has chosen a space that’ll work for them in the long run. Layout, amenities and house rules are good to clarify.

It’s also worth asking your guest the reason for their long-term stay to make sure the space will fit their needs. Most guests are just between long-term leases or are relocating for work, so your space will likely fit the bill.

Making longer stays easy

Here are ways you can optimize for hosting a variety of stay lengths:

  • Make sure you have enough of the essentials and stable and strong wifi.
  • Additionally, you should make sure that your House Manual includes the instructions for day-to-day living (such as how trash disposal works, where to take out the trash, any particular instructions for taking care of the space and plants, where to find cleaning supplies, etc.)

Other items to note:

  • If you need access to any part of the guest space during their stay, let them know so you can coordinate a schedule that works for both of you.
  • Help guests help themselves with cleaning and tidying the space! Providing cleaning supplies such as a vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan, garbage bags, and cleaning spray can go a long way as you're not expected to clean during these stays.
  • Feel free to let them know if any amenities may be limited so guests can plan to bring their own.
  • Leave out extra towels at the start of their stay or offer some after 7+ days.
  • Anticipate questions that may come up as part of their longer visit. How can your guests do their laundry, or is there a laundromat nearby? What's the best nearby coffee shop to work from? Where can they buy groceries?

Earning additional Rent Credits

Great news! Hosting longer stays will earn you more Rent Credits 🎉 Whether it’s through Airbnb or Loftium Stays, any stay longer than 2 weeks earns additional Rent Credits, with an extra Rent Credit for each week of stay.

  • Stays between 1-2 weeks (1-14 nights): 1 Rent Credit
  • Stays that are up to 3 weeks (15-21 nights): 2 Rent Credits
  • Stays that are up to 4 weeks (22-28 nights): 3 Rent Credits

... and so on!

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