Some units are better suited than others for longer-term stays, but that doesn’t mean your space isn’t an attractive spot for the right guest.

Guests generally self-select, and there are wonderful guests out there who are comfortable staying many weeks without a full kitchen (who doesn’t love an excuse to live on take out, am I right!?)

For example, a common listing update we’re making for homes without kitchens and shared laundry spaces includes: My space has no access to a full kitchen, but you'll have a kitchenette to use (mini-fridge and microwave!) Shared laundry facilities are in the guest space, and hosts will need to access them occasionally during your stay. You can also emphasize any rules in your check-in message.

Do you have ideas or want to make specific listing updates to reflect what guests can expect from your home for longer stays? Let us know and we can help you with these updates!

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