Sometimes property maintenance issues will pop up. Just know that we get it, these things happen. Don’t stress too much about guest reviews, Loftium’s on your side!

Determine the extent of the issue

  • Call your guest instead of messaging them
  • Discuss the issue to understand the extent of the problem - is it minor and can be repaired the same day? Or is this a larger issue that may require a bigger repair?

For minor repairs that you can fix, awesome! Running toilets, clogged toilets needing to be plunged are pretty quick fixes. Repair the issue and thank your guest for alerting you!

If you're unable to complete the repair on your own

  • If the issue requires a professional, call the landlord. Express the issue is urgent and you need an immediate repair.
  • Send a followup email to the Landlord and CC to document the call and the situation. No need to mention the repair is for your guests - many landlords will act faster on behalf of you as their renter.
  • Call your guest to coordinate timing. Repairpersons can enter the unit to repair during a guest stay if your guest doesn’t mind or if your guest is going to be out of the unit when the repairperson is there.

Next, determine if the guest can continue their stay

  • If the guest can stay because the issue can be fixed quickly, or isn't too disruptive to their visit, great! Let your guest know the repair plan. i.e. plunging a toilet, removing hair from a clogged drain
  • If the guest can stay but you feel their stay was moderately impacted or they are upset, you can offer a small refund - contact Loftium to get this started.
  • If your guest cannot stay because the issue is too problematic, contact Loftium for a refund for the remainder of their stay. There’s no need to cancel on a guest, typically a refund will do.

Heads up! Maintenance issues don’t always require a cancellation or block day. Contact Loftium using our chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. if you need to refund, cancel or block dates due to maintenance.

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