Bummer, but we totally understand! Unexpected repairs are never fun.

If you know maintenance is going to cause your space to become uninhabitable please reach out to us using the chat below with details on the maintenance including any of the below as well as the dates it will impact the space:

  • Text or Emails from Landlord describing the maintenance
  • Quotes, invoices or emails from the party performing repairs
  • Documentation from the city if applicable

Doing this allows us to document and move forward with blocking your calendar.

If you block your calendar and do not reach out to Loftium or share proof of maintenance you will be billed the cost of those days as a personal reservation.

For Airbnb guests

Airbnb's policy allows for penalty-free cancellation for unforeseen property damage and maintenance, conditions that make it unsafe to host guests, or if guests cannot access basic amenities like running water.

  • If the reason you are canceling complies with Airbnb, you can cancel penalty-free. Call Airbnb Support to confirm before you cancel to avoid any fees or penalties.
  • You may be asked for supporting documentation that the issue is being fixed, and what the issue is.
  • Airbnb support will take you through the penalty-free cancellation process if your reservation falls under a recognized extenuating circumstance.
  • Airbnb has a thorough article linked here on what to do if you need to cancel a future reservation due to an unavoidable circumstance or emergency.

Note, if you cancel a guest reservation without contacting Loftium and Airbnb, you will be charged the full rental rate for the dates of the canceled booking.

For Loftium Stays or VRBO guests

Contact Loftium with the dates and names of guests impacted on your hosting calendar. We'll take care of the rest.

Heads up! Maintenance issues don’t always require a cancellation or block day. Contact Loftium if you need to refund, cancel or block dates due to maintenance.

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