While damage from guests is very rare, it does occasionally happen! In the event you experience any damages or big messes, hosts are responsible for seeking repairs and reimbursement, but we're here to help.

Loftium Damage Policy

  • Hosts are responsible for replacing and seeking out reimbursement from their guests and/or through Airbnb, Loftium Stays, or Vrbo.
  • Reimbursement requests must be completed in a timely manner, typically before the next guest stay begins.
  • Use our replacement supply lists to replace items and determine the cost of reimbursement from guests or through a damage claim.
  • For property issues (such as a clogged drain), you'll want to communicate with your landlord on repairs/maintenance - but you may be responsible for the upfront cost.
  • Report all damage to Loftium.
  • The cost of any unreported damage to the furniture we provide or guest space will be deducted from your security deposit at move out.

Requesting reimbursement

  • Typically, guests will let you know if something happened - maybe they accidentally packed your towel, or broke a dish! In these cases, ask them to pay the cost of the item and they'll often be glad to do so.
  • If you find something damaged or missing, document the situation with photos and let your guest know right away. An example message could be: Hi there, I wanted to reach out as soon as possible. I found that you left two of my plates broken, I know these things happen! I've included photos here.
  • Once you've notified your guest of the situation and they've shared their context, ask them to cover the cost of repair or reimbursement.
  • To file a reimbursement request, complete the damage claim steps. Heads up! This needs to be submitted before your next guest stay begins or within 14 days (whichever is sooner), or the claim may be denied.
  • Reach out to Loftium as soon as possible to document the incident.
  • Within 5-7 days of claim resolution, whether through Loftium Stays or through Airbnb, Loftium will initiate the partial or full payment to your account on file.

For urgent or serious damage situations

  • For Airbnb guests, call Airbnb right away to document the situation and request to file a Resolution Center claim request directly with them.
  • For all guest issues where you're unable to resolve reimbursement directly with the guest, submit the damage claim steps right away.
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