The guest space wasn't what they expected

If your listing description was very accurate and the guest is unhappy, try to address the issue first!

  • Double check your listing to make sure the information is there, and clearly defined.
  • See if you can resolve the complaint to make their stay better, or offer an alternative suggestion.
  • Never refund because a guest asks you to. Do your best to address the guests’ concerns politely - that’s all you can do!
  • If your listing was accurate when they booked, and they didn't read the information, your guest can work with Airbnb Support or Loftium Stays support regarding any refund questions. Do not offer to send compensation their way.
  • If your guest wants to cancel their reservation, this needs to be done on their side.

What can I tell my guest if the space was different from their expectations?

For example, if they're upset there isn't a TV, explain in a friendly way:

I'm sorry my guest space isn't what you were expecting. Airbnb isn't like a hotel and some amenities may not be present so we include that in our listing description. With that being said, you can use our WiFi to watch Netflix!

Similar issues include: Guest thought the unit would be bigger, expected air conditioning, thought parking was provided etc.

If they're requesting a refund or cancellation, share something like:

I'm sorry that your stay was less than perfect! I take a lot of care to make sure my listing is accurately detailed so there aren't misunderstandings. If you do need to cancel or request a refund, that can be done directly through Airbnb! I'm unable to offer compensation outside of the cancellation policy in my listing.

There was an issue with my listing description

  • If your listing wasn't accurate or was missing information that caused a negative guest experience, update your listing to avoid future guest unhappiness. Guest complaints are a great opportunity to improve your listing!
  • Instead of a monetary refund, consider giving your guest a nice handwritten thank you note, a local snack or small gift, or even a bottle of inexpensive wine.
  • If you choose to, you can refund a specific amount out-of-pocket any time you feel it will help resolve a guest issue. Please contact Loftium through our Contact Us support form directly on how to do so.

What can I tell my guest if the space was different from their expectations?

I'm so sorry about the confusion, and I really appreciate your feedback! I completely agree that this important to call out in my listing description and have gone ahead and made those changes. I agree this will helpful for future guests who stay in my space! We always do our best to make sure guests have a great and comfortable stay, and I really appreciate you pointing this out.

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