Loftium will automatically pre-approve all guests who:

  • Meet Airbnb requirements (phone, email and payment verified)
  • Agree to your House Rules & Expectations
  • Acknowledge that Airbnb homes can be different from hotels

Manual pre-approval may be required if guests haven't yet certified that they agree to your house rules. This typically happens because they'd like to ask you a question about your home first before agreeing to them.

If a guest has a question about your no-smoking rule, they may send you a message to ask if it's OK, and will not be automatically pre-approved! You'll have to review their message and manually approve or decline the reservation. (Psst, no smoking is allowed at any Loftium! 🚭)

This doesn't mean that you won't have questions about rules and the property if a guest is pre-approved automatically, though. Be sure to check the initial messages your guests send to make sure requests for more info aren't going unanswered!

That way, you can withdraw the pre-approval or ask the guest to cancel if they've booked under the assumption they can bend your rules (like bringing guests beyond your max capacity).

Manual pre-approval may also be required if a guest changes reservations details like the number of guests or dates.

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