Here's why blocked nights and cancellations are so important to avoid:

  1. Blocked nights and cancellations adversely impact your listing because they are painful for guests. Disrupting travel plans is stressful and reducing calendar availability makes it hard for guests to book.
  2. Because of how painful cancellations are for guests, travel sites like Airbnb, track and monitor these incidents. Cancellations are closely monitored because travel platforms cannot risk getting a bad reputation with guests for being unreliable or low quality. They do the same with low reviews, too!
  3. Repeated incidents can result in your listing being temporarily paused or permanently removed by these sites. Cancellations, safety or repeatedly low reviews can all result in removal.
  4. If a listing is paused, removed or banned as a result of the hosting issues mentioned above, full rent can be required for the duration of your lease.

Here's what to do if you must block a night or cancel a guest reservation:

We know extenuating circumstances require a cancellation or blocked night from time to time. Life happens! That’s why we have a process for you to submit an approval request for the rare necessary blocked nights or cancellations.

Here’s how to make sure you’re above board when it comes to blocked nights and cancellations:

  • Blocked nights and cancellations must be approved prior to changing a night to unavailable on your calendar. Submit a request if you have disruptive maintenance or an extenuating circumstance! This is the only way to avoid fees and charges.
  • Booking your guest space for yourself! Looking to use your guest space for yourself or friends? Secure a personal reservation here. Complete this in advance of blocking calendar dates to avoid penalties.

Here's what else to keep in mind regarding settings through Airbnb:

Alongside blocked nights and cancellations, making sure your listing’s settings are compliant is key.

The top three settings to double-check are below, but you can see the full list here:

  • Instant Book - On
  • Stay Length - 3 nights min, 30 nights max
  • Guest Space - Entire Guest Suite (ie. do not select private bedroom)
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