Loftium renters earn Rent Credits as bonuses for each completed, successful guest stay! Successful stays are those where no cleanliness, communication or guest issues resulted in a cancellation or refund. More completed bookings equal more cash in pocket for you. πŸ’°

How are Rent Credits determined for each home?

Rent Credits are a set amount per reservation (i.e. a booking for three nights or a booking for one night would each be one Rent Credit.) The amount for your Rent Credit is predetermined by the number of guests your guest space can host and if the unit has a full kitchen or not.

Heads up! The Rent Credits you earn will likely be considered taxable income. When you sign a lease with us, we'll ask you to fill out a W-9, and once tax season rolls around, you'll fill out a 1099 form.

Earning additional Rent Credits

Great news! Hosting longer stays will earn you more Rent Credits πŸŽ‰ Whether it’s through Airbnb or Loftium Stays, any stay longer than 2 weeks earns additional Rent Credits, with an extra Rent Credit for each week of stay.

  • Stays between 1-2 weeks (1-14 nights): 1 Rent Credit
  • Stays that are up to 3 weeks (15-21 nights): 2 Rent Credits
  • Stays that are up to 4 weeks (22-28 nights): 3 Rent Credits

... and so on!

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