In order to receive discounted rent each month, here are your responsibilities as a Loftium host:

  • Set up your guest space. Use the furniture Loftium provides to craft a beautiful guest-ready unit. After setting up, you'll want to make sure that everything is maintained as you continue hosting!
  • Communicate with guests. You're responsible for communicating with guests before, during and after their stay, answering any outstanding questions, recommending activities, and generally being a friendly resource. We help take care of the basics with an automated messaging tool to help minimize the back and forth,
  • Manage the cleaning between guests. Turnover the guest space after each guest checks out - some of our renters choose to hire a cleaner with the money they save from their discounted rent!
  • Make your listing stand out. You can add your own personal touches in terms of guest interactions, decor, refreshing of any starter kit items needed (i.e. shampoo, sheets, etc) to really make your listing stand out!

Loftium sets up and manages the pricing, auto messaging and optimizations for your listing remotely so you can focus on what matters at home.

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