Every single day you live and host in your Loftium home, you earn a Daily Discount. Your Daily Discounts total up to one, big discount each month. This monthly discount is taken off the full rent to get to your Discounted Rent.

How do I earn Daily Discounts?

It’s all about making sure your guests can easily book and enjoy their stay. You're probably doing this already! Here's what it takes to rack up Daily Discounts:

Attract New Bookings

Host Great Stays

Calendar is open to book

Welcoming listing language

Correct listing settings in place

Guest reservation requests confirmed

4.5-star reviews

No guest refunds or cancellations

Clean space

Friendly, fast communication

How much is my Daily Discount?

Your Daily Discount is your monthly rent discount spread out on a daily basis. Here's a sample calculation:

How do Daily Discounts help me as a Loftium Host?

Daily Discounts give you real-time feedback about your listing so you know how you’re doing. Each day you earn a Daily Discount, you know you’re doing a great job! 🎉

Will I have to pay more if my space doesn't get booked? (No!)

Your Discounted Rent rate does not depend on how your guest space performs.

The cornerstone of hosting and renting with Loftium is that, as long as you fulfill your responsibilities as a good, hospitable host, you will never pay more than your Discounted Rent, even if your guest space doesn't get booked. In the example below, even if you had no bookings throughout the month of September, you'd still earn Daily Discounts based on satisfying the host responsibilities.

Part way through the month At the end of the month

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