With a change from global tourism to localized, remote work travel, we’ve adapted to the changing travel landscape in the following ways:

  • Accommodating guests from additional listing sites through Loftium.com’s hosting dashboard - Update to lease agreement While we always intended to grow Loftium beyond Airbnb, COVID made this even more important. We're adding new sites to ensure we drive enough demand to your listing, which in turn means better pricing and more rent credits for you each month. New leases and renewed leases require hosting guests from sites beyond Airbnb. To make sure this is a smooth transition for you, we're also working on a new an improved hosting dashboard as a centralized spot to manage guests from multiple sites. Heads up, Vrbo and Loftium Stays are already live! In the future, we expect to add other listing sites too.
  • Accommodating medium-term guest stays - Not a lease change, just a reminder! While accommodating a wider variety of stay lengths is not a change to your original lease agreement, the increase of maximum nights is a recent settings update. For that reason, we like to remind our hosts at renewal that Loftium-established settings (like minimum and maximum nights) will change from time-to-time to adapt to travel demand and accommodating a variety of stay lengths is an important part of maintaining discounted rent.
  • Rent Credits applied directly to rent to further reduce payments - Update to lease agreement This is a change that’s been long-requested by hosts! We've launched a new feature that applies rent credits directly to reducing your rent payment at the start of each month - no need to wait to get paid! Upon renewal, if you haven’t elected to do so already, this change will automatically go into effect.
  • Accommodating guests with pets if the property allows - Optional update to lease agreements 🐶 This change will go into place when the homeowner allows pets on the property. We understand not all homes will be a great fit, but we do find that many remote-work guests have a pet to keep them company are very courteous travelers.
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