What we’re working on now

Applying rent credits directly to rent - Available today

This has been a long-requested feature we’re happy to finally support. Starting today, you can apply your hosting income towards automatically reducing your future rent payments, meaning you won’t have to wait for bank transfers to clear after rent is due to get paid. Under this new functionality, all income earned in a given period will be automatically applied to your rent payment due 15 or more days after the period ends. (For example: June 1 - 15 rent credits will be applied to July rent; June 16 - 31 rent credits will be applied to August rent. July 1 - 15 rent credits will be applied to August rent. etc…)

This feature will be enabled at your next sublease renewal, but if you’d like to opt in early, simply submit a Support Request and choose the “Apply rent credits to reducing rent” option.

Revamping the Help Center to make it easier to find support & understand hosting policies - Effective June 10

With all the changes and updates since COVID-19 hit, we know it’s been challenging to navigate difficult hosting situations and get clear, timely answers regarding Loftium’s policies. To help improve communication, we’re separating out “Policies” from “Support” in our Help Center, and will continue to update both sections regularly to ensure you never feel left in the dark. Check out the updated Help Center here.

A message feed on your hosting dashboard to communicate any upcoming product & policy changes (and get your feedback) - Coming soon!

We’re committed to improving our communication and keeping you informed of upcoming changes to the Loftium program, policies, and general announcements from our team. This message board will allow us to share all these things, and give you an opportunity to provide feedback in the process, without clogging up your inbox.

Screenshot of the future message feed

Screenshot of the future message feed

A Guest Dashboard so your guests (Airbnb or Stays) have better access to check-in instructions and can easily request to extend their reservation - Effective June 10

We’re building out a central dashboard for guests called My Stays where guests can view your check-in instructions, listing information, house rules and more. And with more guests than ever extending their bookings, guests will be able to easily request reservation extensions, so you can keep great guests for longer and earn more rent credits. When guests have all the information they need at their fingertips, you spend less time and energy communicating the same important information to each guest.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 6.00.47 PM

Screenshot of the future guest dashboard

What’s coming in the future

As Yifan mentioned in the webinar, much of our focus in the coming months will be about building out functionality to make hosting more flexible and easier.

  • Guest reputation & review system for Loftium Stays
  • Fully customizable auto messages for Loftium Stays guests
  • Customizable house rules displayed on your Stays Listing and Guest Dashboard
  • Managing all your Reservations (whether from Airbnb or Stays) through Hosting Dashboard
  • Communicating with all Guests (both Airbnb and Stays) through a Loftium Hosting Dashboard
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