No contact hosting is critical in keeping yourself safe from COVID-19. The below tips can help make sure your guest has a great and safe stay, even when they don't see you in person.

Households experiencing illness should not enter their listing or come into contact with guests to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Note: If hosting is suspended, documentation from a medical or health authority may be required in order to alter confirmed guest reservations or adjust hosting calendar availability.

Before check-in

  • Update your auto messages to be very clear on your check-in procedure, and how to reach and enter the guest unit. If you haven't added pictures to your check-in instructions, now is a great time to do so!
  • You may choose to update your Airbnb listing's Booking Settings to allow for more time to conduct thorough screening, up to one day's notice before a reservation.
  • Your Booking Settings may be updated in your listing's Availability settings, under Advanced notice - choose At least one day's notice. The check-box to allow for requests to book at any time should remain enabled, so you may ask screening questions before a potential same-day or next-day reservation.
  • With the period in between bookings, make sure to set up your space well ahead of time. Create and follow a checklist to make sure no steps are missed in preparing the space, so you do not need to enter the space or interact with your guest during their stay.
  • Make sure your guest is aware this will be a no contact stay, and that you will only be communicating through the Airbnb app (if an Airbnb guest has booked) or phone/text during their reservation.
  • Place signs in your unit to remind guests to communicate with you through the Airbnb app, and that you won't be seeing them in person.
  • Place any signage directly on your walls, rather than loose on a table, to prevent unnecessary touching of signs, and reducing your need to clean them.
  • If you have a shared laundry amenity, create a clear plan for times to allow for you to enter and utilize the space. This can be as simple as letting your guest know: "I will plan to do laundry on Tuesday and Friday, between 4pm-8pm, and ask that you not enter the laundry area during that time to avoid any unnecessary contact. Thank you so much for working with me on this!"
  • Wipe down and disinfect any surfaces prior to using the laundry machine, disinfect shared detergent or fabric softener handles, and wear gloves if possible. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching any shared surfaces. Wear a mask when entering the area. The CDC recommends using a normal laundry detergent according to washing machine instructions and drying thoroughly using the warmest temperatures recommended on the clothing label.

During your guest's stay

  • Designate a drop-off point for supplies. Add information to the booking, or signage that shows guests where you will leave extra supplies they might request during their stay. This can be somewhere like in a basket outside the door, or at the top of a staircase.
  • If you have a shared space, such as for laundry, make sure to message your guest prior to entering the shared area. Wear a mask and gloves whenever possible.
  • In case you do come into contact with your guest during their stay, it's important to maintain 6 feet of distance.
  • If a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 has been in an overnight space, the CDC recommends waiting up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection. Please contact Loftium immediately if you believe this to be the case for your home.


  • Your auto-messages should already be set up for a seamless check-out process, but make sure to update these as needed to ensure a no contact check-out.
  • Use signage (posted on walls) to make sure your guest is aware of your check-out time and process, like where to leave the key, to where to leave dirty towels or linens.
  • Make sure your guest has departed before entering the space to prevent any accidental contact.
  • Make sure to read through our full cleaning guidelines linked here.
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