Prepare your space

  1. Open all doors between rooms (except Airbnb separation door)
  2. Lighting - Turn on all of the lights on (and turn off any fans) Open any blinds/curtains
  3. Clean and Declutter so the space looks organized & open

Video Instructions

  • Check out this quick 20-second clip!

Exterior of your Home

  1. Hold the camera in landscape view (sideways) so we can have a larger view
  2. Start outside in one corner of the front of your home
  3. While recording, pan across the front view of your home left & right a couple of times. Be sure to go slowly & take about 10 seconds per video clip
  4. Next, do the same thing for the backyard! Stand in one corner, facing your home and record while panning across

Interior of your Home

  1. Stand in one corner of the room (by the door or the corner opposite of any windows)
  2. While recording, pan across the room just like you did outside. Be sure to go slowly & take about 10 seconds per video clip. During the video, mention what room it is and any features you really like about it!
  3. Repeat this for every room & hallway Be sure to catch:
  1. Airbnb separation (please show the lock mechanism if there is one!) Laundry

Airbnb Space

  1. Take a video of the route an Airbnb guest would go to access your Airbnb space. Be sure to include any side gates!
  2. In the Airbnb space, take a video panning every room again


  1. You are welcome to talk over your video and provide us with any information you think is important to point out.
  2. We will be muting all videos and doing voice-overs, so don’t worry about what you're saying or how your voice sounds!

Send all of your videos!

  1. Upload to Google Drive Here is the folder you can upload to directly Please create a folder with your address Upload all video files to the folder you created
  2. Email all of your videos to us from your phone To: Subject: Your Address Body: Any great features you loved or something that you think is worth mentioning about your home
  3. Text them to 972-743-1989 Be sure to mention your address!

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