What are the minimum screening requirements?

  • Monthly verifiable income must be equal to at least 2.5 times the monthly rental amount, (rent should not exceed 25% of your income)
  • No prior evictions on applicant(s) record
  • Credit scores below 650 may result in denial
  • All occupants must be approved for the application to be approved
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What do you do with my credit information?

We use this to run a soft check (a.k.a. your score won't be affected) and never store your information. Read more here.

What else do I need to know?

  • Every occupant 18 years and older will need to submit an application
  • Remember to include detailed pet information (weight, ESA qualification, etc.) as some homes have specific requirements
  • If you require a cosigner, have them apply using the same application form you're filling out*
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*Loftium is not required to accept co-signers or guarantors. If co-signers or guarantors are allowed, the cosigner will be APPROVED if all the qualifications are met

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