We offer discounted rent on single-family homes when you host travelers in an on-site guest rental. We’re with you every step of the way, providing software, support and furniture to help you become a successful Loftium host.

How does Loftium work?

  1. Pick a home you love - Find a beautiful home with discounted rent
  2. Apply and sign your lease - Complete a screening and sign a lease
  3. Move in - Happy housewarming! Move in and set up on-site guest rental.
  4. Start hosting guests - Providing a great guest experience and earn Rent Credits

What do you mean by “discounted rent”?

Discounted rent is the incentive you get for hosting guests. We offer this benefit up-front, as a flat rate so you can rely on a fixed rent number when you pay rent each month. But in reality, by being a great host you can earn additional discounts!

What is a “Rent Credit”?

We call the additional discounts “Rent Credits”. Each month your rent will be even lower than the discounted rent as long as you’re a great host and guests are booking your place. So get out there and attract more guests to earn more!

What is an “on-site guest rental”?

This is the dedicated space in your home where you’ll host guests! You can rest assured that it is separated, but it is still attached to the main home where you live.

Guests only have access to the on-site guest rental portion of the home, and do not have access to your portion of the home.

What do I do as a host?

You'll be responsible for providing a great guest experience. This means conducting or scheduling cleanings, promptly communicating with guests, decorating the unit beyond the Loftium-provided furnishings and providing basic supplies e.g. toilet paper, coffee, shampoo, conditioner, body wash. It's important to make sure these costs fit into your budget as they're required guest amenities. Buying in bulk and getting supplied shipped via an auto-subscription (Amazon) keeps costs down (avg $30/mo) and reduces time spent shopping.

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