November Edition

Winter is officially here! The season of cold hands, warm drinks and the sun setting way too early is in full gear 🌆

We’re here to give you some great tips to keep your home and your guests happy through these cold times! Read on for the low-down on keeping homes clean with the Enhanced Cleaning Process with a few more updates in between!

Happy Hosting and Happy Holidays,
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🧼Top Tips for Enhanced Cleaning

Last week, Airbnb formally rolled out their new Enhanced Cleaning Process for all hosts (about 2.9 million people! 😯 ) With this new process and the current state of COVID, guest expectations for cleaning are higher than ever.

How do we know? We’re seeing this in guest reviews! Here’s a peek 👁 at thousands of reviews by category across all Loftium listings:

As guests have higher cleaning standards, it can take a little more effort to get that five ⭐ cleaning rating. And, with Enhanced Cleaning, Airbnb is monitoring these reviews more closely too and often siding with guests on claims and refunds.

So, what can we do to keep review scores high and guests happy? Here are our top 5 tips based on trends we’re seeing today. 📊

  • Hair hair hair. Guests notice hair more than ever. Thoroughly vacuum and tidy linens to ensure any rogue hairs are cleaned up. Take a look at these cheap pet hair lifters for quick lifting of any loose hair, and we suggest keeping a lint roller handy, too!
  • Make your bathroom shine! Based on our data and good ol’ human intuition, unclean bathrooms (especially toilets) lead to bad reviews. Clean up hairs and any substances that are not where they should be (we’re trying to be polite…😬hoping you catch our drift!)
  • Attention to detail matters. Don't forget to clean overlooked areas such as faucets, drains, mirrors, baseboards, handles/knobs shower floors, and the base of the toilet. Being thorough is a quickfire way to great reviews!
  • Disinfect with disinfectant. Not only does it kill germs and bacteria, it also gives your space that squeaky clean smell that will go a long way with guests. Here’s an affordable bulk option - it even comes with a hand sprayer.
  • Check those checklists! Follow a routine so you don't forget the big picture, and the small details. Airbnb has a great series of checklists for cleaning spaces, check them out in their Cleaning Handbook.

Leveraging these tips and following Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Process helps keep those cleaning scores high. If you need more tips or have questions about how this affects your space, Chat with us on your Loftium Dashboard or schedule a brief call to speak with us! We mean it, we’d love to hear how you are doing.

❄Winterizing your Winter Retreat

Keeping your home and guests happy through the cold winter months is easier than you think. Here are some things to keep in mind as temps drop! 🌡

  • If you’re leaving town, don’t turn the heat entirely off. Leave the heat on low continually throughout the winter to prevent the pipes from freezing. 😱
  • While the home is empty or during very cold spells, leave the attic entry open a bit to allow slightly warm air to circulate around the pipes.
  • During very cold spells, leave two taps running very slowly. The gentle flow of water will help prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Be alert for signs of rodent or pest infestations! 🐀 Winter is a prime time for these unwanted guests. Inform your landlord at the first sign of a pest infestation.
  • Make sure you know where your water shut-off valve is located. In case of emergency, turning this off can prevent a flood and costly water damage.

Pro tip! 💡 It’s always worth checking in with your Landlord too for any home-specific tips.

Lastly, if your home is feeling drafty or some areas are a bit cold, window insulators and space heaters are always great cheap fixes! We also have some great signs to post as reminders for guests to turn off heat, lights, and more!

📯 In case you missed it....

  • Vrbo (pronounced “ver-boh”) is live across a large number of listings and the first bookings are coming in! Check yours here for more information.
  • Loftium will be out of the office on 11/26, but still monitoring our inboxes for any urgent issues.
  • Have you tried our new chat yet? Check it out in the bottom right corner of your Host Dashboard!
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