The Loftium Review is a review process that Loftium completes before you're able to begin hosting guests and earning discounted rent. It's our way of making sure your listing and unit are in tip-top shape and attractive to guests by the time you go live!

Once you're finished with all four Tutorials, we'll begin the Loftium Review to make sure your Guest Unit and Listing are guest-ready! The Loftium Review must done by your go-live date, so it's important to set up your guest space and complete all four Tutorials as early as possible to prevent delays.

What do you need to do to pass the Loftium Review?*

  • Complete all four Hosting Tutorials and the tasks in each Tutorial
  • Set up your Automated Guest Messages
  • Fill out every sub-section under the Listing Details on your Listing
  • Add your wi-fi information to your Listing
  • Upload photos of your Guest Unit to your Listing (if applicable)

*Please note that this list may not comprehensive! We'll let you know promptly if anything is missing or needs updating.

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