Your move-in inspection

Your move-in inspection will be used at the end of your lease to compare the move-in and move-out conditions of your home. It's important to complete this thoroughly and in detail to ensure you receive your maximum security deposit refund at the end of your lease!

We always recommend completing this with your landlord present! It helps make sure you're both on the same page about the condition of the home at move-in. If your landlord is not available, ask them if they're comfortable with your completing it on your own or see if they have a trusted agent who can be present on their behalf.

Once your lease is signed, schedule a time with your landlord to complete the move-in inspection, either before move-in or within 48 hours or move-in.

How to complete your move-in inspection with Snapinspect:

1. After lease signing, you'll receive an email from Snapinspect, the third-party tool we use to make inspections easy to complete from your phone!

2. Click the Start button in the email and download the SnapInspect 3 app to your phone.

3. Open the Snapinspect 3 app, and click the Start button next to the available move-in inspection for your home.

4. Enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for your renter's unit and the guest unit. Then, click the Start Inspection button.

5. As you walk through the home, click into each area (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc) and complete each section.

  • If any section is not application to your home, you can skip that section.
  • You'll have the opportunity to upload photos for certain areas. We recommend taking photos if you notice any damage or serious wear. If you're not sure, take a photo!

6. When you've completed each applicable section, scroll to the Signature section at the bottom and sign the inspection.

  • If your landlord or your landlord's agent is present, they must also sign in this section.
  • You can leave the Inspector's signature blank.

7. Once you've signed the inspection, click the Complete button on the top right, and click Upload Now to finish. You've completed your move-in inspection! 🎉

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