Uh-oh! If you're here you may have received a low review. First, take a deep breath - one bad review isn't the end of the world. What matters most is making sure low reviews don't become a pattern. Consistent low reviews can result in suspension from external sites (Airbnb, Vrbo) so let's be sure we dig into why the low review happened so we can keep your listing healthy!

What's considered a low review?

Any review below 5-stars hurts your overall listing rating, with a 1-star rating being the absolute worst (eep!) and a 4-star rating being satisfactory.

What do I when I get a rating below 5-stars?

Conduct a self-audit of your listing to make sure you stay above 4.5 stars overall and your subcategory ratings are above 4.8 stars or above. Scroll down on your listing page to find the subcategory sections displayed below.

Improve key areas based on feedback. Look at your category ratings (above) and read the content in the reviews to see what jumps out:

  • cleanliness - see tips here
  • noise - foam panels, rugs and quiet hours can help
  • communication - friendly, prompt and professional is best
  • check-in experience - automated check-in message up to date with clear instructions and keypad code
  • essential amenities - wifi, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, toilet paper, linens, pillows and towels

Counteract low reviews with 5-star ratings as soon as possible. We can't stress enough how important it is to quickly get 5-star reviews coming in to bump up your rating and push down the poor feedback on your listing page.

  • Ask previous guests who haven’t reviewed you yet to leave a 5-star review.
  • Be proactive with upcoming guests to ensure a 5-star review. Go above and beyond to ensure they have a 5-star stay; leave a hand-written note or a small chocolate bar. Message your guests proactively to make sure things are going well, it's best to get ahead of it before they leave a low review.

Politely respond to the review on your listing. The goal is to make sure future guests know you've addressed feedback and any issues have been resolved. You can keep this short and sweet!

An example of a response:

Hi John, I'm so sorry that your stay was less than perfect! I take feedback seriously and have addressed the issues that detracted from your experience. Thank you for letting me know, safe travels in the future!

Make sure it isn't a pattern

While one negative review is nothing to worry about, we definitely don't want to see a pattern. Multiple negative reviews can significantly impact your Airbnb performance and can be cause for your listing being suspended.

Feel free to reach out to the Loftium team if you have questions or concerns. We're here to lend a helping hand when you need us.

What are patterns of feedback?

If you've heard guest mention something that impacted their stay more than once, that's a pattern, or repeat feedback that needs to be addressed. These are the top areas that hosts find the most success fixing for their guests:

  • Noise between floors, late at night or early in the morning
  • Cleanliness was an issue - this is an incredibly important area to get right. Even a small piece of garbage in a trash can result in a bad review.
  • Communication was slow
  • Check-in experience wasn't 100% self-serve or easy
  • Essential amenities were missing: hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toilet paper, linens

This is not an exhaustive list, but a great jumping off point. We suggest tackling cleanliness, noise, check-in and communication unless you have another area of consistent feedback that hurts your reviews. If you have any questions about how to improve your listing - please reach out to us at rentersupport@loftium.com! We're here to help you succeed as a host.

Can I get the low review removed?

Unfortunately, listing sites will not allow hosts (or Loftium) to remove bad reviews. But! Occasionally our hosts have had luck asking the guest to get their bad review removed. Oftentimes, guests don't realize how much a rating can hurt a listing. It may be a long shot, but if you had a good relationship with your guest and you think they didn't realize their rating made an impact, you may consider reaching out to them.

What do I do if the guest review was inappropriate?

If the review violates Airbnb's terms of service, it can be removed (more info here).

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