What Airbnb settings can I change?

Feel free to edit your listing's title, description and messages! We encourage you to add content and your personal flair to your listing. 

Please be mindful that any changes to the Booking Settings, Pricing, or Availability are violations of our agreement.

Here are the settings we get asked about most  frequently:


Preparation Time and Same-Day Bookings
With self-check-in, automated messages, and the right cleaning schedule, you won’t need any additional preparation time between guests, and same-day bookings should be a breeze! As soon as a guest makes a reservation, schedule your cleaner for their check-out date if you are busy or plan to clean it yourself on that date. This mindset ensures your unit will always be prepared for same-day turnovers. Changing these settings 


Minimum Nightly Stay

By default, your listing is set to a one-night minimum stay except for Saturday which requires two nights. This ensures your listing is getting the best performance while preventing Saturday night bookings that can mess up your schedule. Changing this setting is not currently allowed, but let us know if you have any questions. 


Personal Traveling and not Being Home while Hosting
If you’re traveling and not home while hosting, make sure to have a cleaner ready to clean between bookings. Send messages to let guests know you’ll be available through the app, but won’t be on-site during their stay. If you will be unreachable, it is crucial you have a backup key/entrance plan and a backup host who can be on call if there are any issues with your guests entering/exiting the unit. 


Listing my Airbnb as an “Entire Place” vs “Private Room”
Your Loftium Airbnb should always be listed accurately as Entire place, Secondary Guest Suite. Linked here is some additional context around why your listing falls under this classification.


Blocked Dates/Calendar Availability
Your Airbnb is required to be available at all times with no blocked dates. If you wish to book your own Airbnb, that’s awesome! See more details on how to do this linked here


Check-in/Check-out Time
We’ve set the check-in time at 3:00 pm and the check-out time at 11:00 am to match hospitality industry standards while giving you or your cleaners plenty of time to turn over the unit between guests, even when they’re back-to-back.


Loftium leverages pricing algorithms to dynamically adjust based on the day of the week, seasonality, events, markets, and other variables.