When do I ask Loftium for help, and when do I ask my landlord?

As a general rule, for anything related to Airbnb hosting or paying rent, you’ll reach out to Loftium. You’re in the right place already for questions - start with our FAQs, and If you aren’t finding an answer, shoot us an email at rentersupport@loftium.com.

Your landlord is responsible for your home’s health, safety, and functionality, for both your space and the Airbnb unit. This includes maintaining working plumbing and electricity, functional and secure windows and doors, and that the building and grounds are kept sanitary and safe. Read more about How to best communicate with your landlord here.

Your landlord will be able to help with questions or concerns related to the property, like the home itself, your utilities, or maintenance requests. For these communications, you can email your landlord and “cc” rentersupport@loftium.com.

For example, if you have general questions about Airbnb hosting, or you’re responding to a guest complaint, you’d email Loftium. If your oven isn’t quite working right, you have questions about your utility bill, or you are wondering about using the driveway, you would email your landlord (and “cc” rentersupport@loftium.com!)